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Wedding painting at Charlestowne Landing, Charleston, SC
Wedding painting in Bluffton, SC
  • When should I reserve my date?
    As soon as possible. It is important to have your date reserved with Laura, as most brides book months in advance to reserve their wedding date. However, it's never too late to ask - we may have an opening. All we require is a 50% deposit to reserve your date.
  • Can I purchase a live painting as a gift?
    Yes, many families give live paintings as a surprise gift. The gift can be given as a gift certificate or as a surprise the day of. The benefit of a gift certificate is it gives the couple the option of deciding the subject matter of the painting.
  • Where does Laura travel?
    In addition to serving the Charleston, South Carolina area, Laura is able to travel nationally and world-wide.
  • How is Laura different from other live wedding painters?
    Laura is professional, punctual, easy to work with and friendly. With many years of painting live and outdoors she is an expeditious painter. She adapts easily to last minute changes, which can often happen with events. She provides energy and captivates your guests by creating a dynamic work of art depicting your event.
  • What style of painting will Laura use?
    Laura can paint in any style you prefer. "Impressionistic" is a more painterly style, showing brush strokes, and more simplistic subjects, while "Realism" has sharper lines and more details. You have as much say in the look, colors and subject matter of your final painting as the artist does.
  • How do I prepare for the artist the day of?
    Laura will bring her own supplies (canvas, paints, brushes, easel). Please allow for a 5'x 5' space for the artist and additional surrounding room for the guests to watch the painting take place. This space will need to be in the direction of the subject you have chosen (Example: For a first dance painting, the artist would need a clear view of the dance floor). The artist will also require access to an electrical outlet for the lamp used on the easel.
  • Can guests interact with the artist?
    Of course! Laura is great at multitasking! She welcomes and encourages guests to watch and ask questions. It is great entertainment for guests; as most have never seen a painting from start to finish!
  • Does the paint have an odor?
    No. High quality, water-soluble acrylic and oil paint are used and do not emit any odors.
  • When will I receive my painting?
    The painting is completed during the event, however, Laura will bring the painting back to her studio to finish it in oil paint and for final touches. An image of the finished painting will be emailed to the customer 2-3 weeks after the event date. At that time, delivery will be arranged and prints/notecards can be ordered of the original painting. See The Process page for more information.
  • Can I have prints made from my painting?
    Prints of your live painting can be made on paper, canvas and even as thank you notes.
  • Where can I find more of Laura's art?
    Laura has a variety of originals and prints available for purchase from her online store.
  • What is the history of Live Painting?
    Live Painting is an improvisational performance in which a visual artist, over a short period of time, creates a painting to in front of an audience. Unlike a traditional setting in which a painter works privately in an enclosed studio, Live Painting allows the audience to watch the creative process unfold from beginning to completion within a short period of time in a public setting. One of the first well known recorded Live Painting events was done during the 1976 Summer Olympics by LeRoy Neiman. In 1990’s Live Painting began to evolve from the street and graffiti art scene. Today, Live Painting is a growing movement among visual artists around the world.

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